Our Brands

Tina Rosa

Tia Rosa

Tia Rosa's "tradition you can taste" comes from over 30 years of family traditions passed from one generation to another.

Started in Mexico in 1971, Tia Rosa first began producing fine Mexican sweet baked goods and pastries. With the introduction of its first line of quality flour tortillas, Tia Rosa quickly became the #1 flour tortilla brand in Mexico.

Now in the U.S. for over 10 years, Tia Rosa offers consumers authentic, premium corn and flour tortillas, along with tortilla chips that make every dining experience even better. And with recipes that are as fresh as our tortillas, you'll see that with Tia Rosa tortillas and a bit of ingenuity, there's more on the menu than just tacos, quesadillas and wraps.

Fun Facts:

  • Tortillas, or "tlaxcallim", were the base food of the ancient Aztecs.
  • Corn tortillas date back approximately 10,000 years before Christ.
  • Corn tortillas have no gluten, making them an alternative to bread for those with gluten intolerance.
  • When the Spanish brought wheat to the New World, flour tortillas were created.


Not everyone is familiar with the Bimbo Bakeries USA name. However, probably everyone in the U.S. has enjoyed at least one of the company's many products at one time or another. Bimbo Bakeries USA became the nation's largest baking company because of its laser-like focus on providing the best quality, freshest baked goods at a great value to customers.

Although many of its brands can trace their histories back to the late 1800s or early 1900s, Bimbo Bakeries USA's origins as a company began in 1994 when Grupo Bimbo, its parent company, purchased La Hacienda, a tortilla company in California. Bimbo Bakeries USA then entered the U.S. bread market in 1997 with the acquisition of Pacific Pride Bakeries of San Diego.

The company grew again in 1998 with the purchase of Mrs Baird's Bakeries in Texas, which at the time was the largest family-owned bakery in the United States. The combined operations were renamed Bimbo Bakeries USA with headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.

In 2002, Bimbo Bakeries USA acquired the Western U.S. baking business of George Weston Ltd., adding such iconic premium brands as Oroweat bread and buns, Entenmann's sweet baked goods, Thomas' English muffins and bagels and Boboli pizza breads. With this purchase, Bimbo Bakeries USA also gained five bakeries in Texas, Colorado, California and Oregon, as well as 1,300 sales routes.

Today, Bimbo Bakeries USA operates over 70 bakeries and employs more than 27,000 associates. It distributes products through over 13,500 sales routes throughout the United States.



The Marinela brand stands for fun! Bite into any of our snack cakes, cookies or pies and you'll get a taste of how cool it is to be a kid! Whether in the United States or Latin America, people of all ages turn to Marinela for delicious, fresh-baked sweet goods!

Our products include favorites like cream-filled chocolate cupcakes and tasty butter cookies, along with a variety of unique snacks such as orange raisin cakes and caramel rolls.

The history of Gansito and his yummy chocolate-covered cake rolled off the Marinela factory line in 1956. This was the first snack cake of its kind in Latin American and has long been a favorite of adults and kids. Since then our line has extended to include Barritas, Pinguinos, Submarinos and Sponch!



Samuel Bath Thomas, an innovator and entrepreneur, created the Original "Nooks & Crannies" English Muffin through a secret process that included griddle baking to create a muffin that was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. After coming to the United States, he opened his own bakery in New York City in 1880. Soon, Thomas' English Muffins would become a popular part of the American breakfast. Thanks to Thomas, English muffins are now a favorite product in America, easy to satisfy every member of any family. Plus, all kinds of restaurants and fast food chains have begun incorporating them into their menu.

And while our English Muffins are popular, we continue to grow with unique products that fit your lifestyle. With you in mind, we created Bagel ThinsTM Bagels, which have changed the way you experience foods you've always loved. Stay tuned for more great new products to come for you and your family. From the Original "Nooks & Crannies" English Muffins to soft, delicious bagels and more, we have it all. There's a perfect breakfast match for you, no matter when you get up.



Everybody loves fresh, hot pizza served with their favorite pizza toppings. But often, this can be hard to come by. So, Californian Eugene deChristopher decided to simplify the pizza-making process and ensure that pizza lovers everywhere could easily enjoy great-tasting pizza. DeChristopher used the best pizza dough recipe to create the Boboli® Italian pizza crust. His goal was simple: To provide people with delicious, fresh flavor -- faster. Though deChristopher created a pizza crust, over the years the Boboli® brand has transformed into so much more.

The name Boboli was inspired by the spectacular Boboli Gardens (Giardino di Boboli) of Florence, Italy. These sixteenth-century gardens not only feature an incomparable collection of sculptures, an amphitheater and more, but they also offer incredible views of the city served as the backdrop for some of Italy's greatest artists.

Our ready-made products can help with all your home cooking needs, from tasty pizzas to delicious desserts. Use Boboli® pizza crusts as creative outlets, and experiment with our pizza crusts in a variety of recipes, from veggie pizzas to fruit pizzas, and everything in between. Or, let cooking with Boboli® pizza crusts become a family activity. Start having fun in the kitchen together!



With more than 140 different bread products represented, Alpicella has quickly made a name for itself in southern and central Idaho! Baked in Boise daily, Alpicella offers our customers fresh options, delivered daily while other companies must ship their products in frozen from bakeries outside the state. Alpicella started baking their sourdough in 1996 in a small bakery in the heart of downtown Boise but due to demand moved to a 46,000 square foot bakery just off of the freeway. The move allowed Alpicella to expand their offerings by baking French, rye, wheat, white and cinnamon breads to mention just a few. For customers looking to "Buy Idaho" and support local companies, Alpicella breads are a great option! Whether you are eating out or shopping in the grocery store, ask for Alpicella.

What makes Alpicella unique: The sourdough that is used today came from the batch originally created in San Francisco over 80 years ago in the family bakery. There is a difference you can taste when you eat Alpicella sourdough bread.



Oroweat® is Bread Perfected®.

Oroweat® bread is built on heritage and tradition. Founded in 1932 in North Hollywood, Oroweat® was created with the vision of providing consumers with premium quality, which remains the cornerstone of all our breads. Our bakery's trademark of using whole grains came about during the Great Depression when ingredients were scarce and expensive. This innovation produced delicious results, creating a demand for Oroweat® in the Pacific Northwest, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and, most recently, Mexico.

Our high-quality bread fuels healthy, active lifestyles and gives you great taste, too. Slower, longer baking ensures that each package of sliced bread, buns, rolls, bagels and English muffins reach its peak texture and flavor. With a wide selection of bread that includes Health-full®, Whole Grains, Country, Rye, and Light breads, Oroweat® bread offers everyone a tasty, nutritious choice.

Today, Oroweat® is part of Bimbo Bakeries USA.

Roman Meal

Based in Tacoma, Washington, Roman Meal makes whole grain breads and cereals inspired by original whole grain recipes dating back to the company's 1912 beginning. Family owned and operated from day one, Roman Meal is actively involved in ensuring that its products maintain the highest standards of quality and nutrition. In fact, a strong customer appreciation for this commitment to family health and happiness is what Roman Meal attributes to retaining its business and tradition of quality for almost 100 years.

One of the first bread brands made available nationwide, Roman Meal continues to sell its breads and cereals throughout most areas of the United States today, and even makes its products available internationally. Roman Meal has grown to partner with more than 90 bakeries. These partners bake and distribute quality Roman Meal breads locally, assuring you that the product you're purchasing is the freshest possible.

Sun Maid

A special recipe, plenty of cinnamon, and most of all, natural Sun-Maid Raisins have made Sun-Maid Raisin Bread Cinnamon Swirl a favorite eating experience. Try it toasted, for sandwiches, as French toast, or in bread pudding. Or, come up with your own new way to enjoy our bread.

Sun-Maid fills our loaves with 50% more raisins. The bread stays fresh longer--no artificial preservatives are needed because raisins act as a natural preservative. We also use rich creamery butter.

Barcel USA

Barcel USA

Barcel USA is the best option in salty and sweet snacks for those who expect to be surprised and amused with innovative sensations that break from the norm by generating a superior level in delivering radical value.



The production of Ricolino started in 1968, known as Barcel. Ricolino started with the Paletas Payaso, Chocolates and gummies. Its products include Paleta Payaso, Duvalin, Ricofiesta, and Bubulubu.

Ricolino is a unique sweets brand with innovative flavors that can satisfy any palate. They continue to grow and gain popularity with their unique and familiar branding.

    Bubulubu-this is the snack you can't stop thinking about! Bubulubu brings together mouth-watering jelly and joyous marshmallow, then wraps it in luscious chocolate to make every bite a flavor adventure like no other. Try it frozen for a cold tasty treat.

    Paleta Payaso-this little lollipop has so much fun in every package that it is bursting at the seams with excitement and deliciousness. When Paleta Payaso smiles at you, you can't help but smile back! The chocolate covering can barely contain the huge marshmallow flavor, and the gummies bring that extra special taste to the party.

    Kranky-with the perfect combination of cereal and chocolate, Kranky has an unmistakable crunch that gets attention. The perfectly balanced cocoa sweetness, hearty toastiness, and crispy-crunchy corn flakes come together to make this a simple, good-natured snack like no other.

    Moritas-Moritas-bite-sized fruitiness packs a ton of wonderful blackberry and strawberry flavor. Every single delicious bite is an unbelievable mix of soft and crunchy, sour and sweet. The amazing sugar dot coating and the smooth jelly center pack just the right amount of powerful flavor punch.

    Duvalin-single milk candies filled with an array of strawberry, vanilla, and hazelnut ready to be spooned out.

dulces Vero

dulces Vero

    Rellerindos-Tamarind or tamarindo, who cares? Rellerindo is a super delicious tamarind filled candy. The sweet and sour taste of Rellerindo makes it a superior candy like a master of the candies. Imagine tamarind both inside and outside... well you don't have to just gotta try it!

    Manita-do you think you have good luck? Find out with "Manita de la suerte." Looking for something extra delicious? It's here! Super delicious strawberry and cherry lollipop. The only candy that will predict your future. Feel like high-fiving? No prob, "Manita de la suerte" can do that too! So, what are you waiting for? C'mon, taste your luck!

    Palerindas-there are lollipops, and then there are Palerindas. Palerinda is a delicious sweet tamarind hard candy lollipop covered with chile. Imagine this lollipop is already sweet and spicy, then you add more spicyness. The result: an extremely delicious lollipop that's unique in its kind.

    Pica fresa-strawberry is one of the fruits everybody loves. People have spent a lifetime trying to mix strawberries with everything to maximize its flavor. Obviously they didn't mix them with chile and turn them into a gummie. We did. No need to thank us; we like that you like what we like to invent. Pica Fresas, they can't get any better.

    Picagomas Tamarindo-spicy, sweet and sour gummies. Yummie. Are you looking for something completely out of this world? Picagoma Tamarindo is definitively not from Earth. You'll start with a little bit of sourness and spiciness that will end with a delicious soft sweet gummie. Hold on a sec... That Picagoma Tamarindo was delicious; now, where were we?

    Mango-remember those mangonadas from the park? Well, Mango brought all that flavor into a single lollipop! Mango on the inside, chile on the outside. Such a wonderful mix of taste could only be brought to you by dulces Vero. Your first Mango will leave you craving for more.

    Semaforo-STOP! Strawberry, pineapple, and lemon in one single lollipop. Taste one by one or all three at the same time. This is a colorful and tasteful treat. Sweet, sweet sweetness, everything in this candy is times 3. Semaforo lollipop will make you experience a flavorful race to the finish. Ready, set, go!

    Tarrito-the ultimate sweet and sour lollipop. When you first try it, you're going to love its sourness. Then, you'll try it again, and again, just to realize you also love its sweetness. Its sweet taste doesn't just come from pineapple but from many different fruits. Excuse me, I have to go and enjoy a Tarrito... Again.

    Elote-Elote is a unique, sweet and sour candy. Looks like corn and tastes like chile with a hint of sweet strawberry. It's like a mix of emotions, you will start like "uhm" and end like "mmm." If you like adventure, you are gonna love this adventurous taste.

    Sandi Brochas-Sandi Brochas is a really sweet treat. Its watermelon flavor is funtastic but don't let it fool you, because it has a really sweet and spicy surprise inside. Watermelon and chile, what a magnificent lollipop mix. Are you looking for dessert? Or a delicious treat? Stop looking, grab a Sandi Brocha, you'll thank me later.



    Pleton de Cajeta-these amazing milk caramel lollipops are a traditional Mexican candy made with quality ingredients. Take these hard candy lollipops anywhere and enjoy the milky sweet taste anytime.



    Takis-Takis have got it going on! If you're game for something groovy and yummy, that will K.O. any other taste, and make your taste buds reach the pinnacle of deliciousness, look no further. Takis are here to make it happen. Munch into the crunch of any Takis snack -- you'll find the flavors that make mouths happier than a cat getting an infinite supply of catnip. Imagine the hot chili pepper and lime epicness of Takis Fuego, the delectable taco taste of Takis Crunchy Fajita, the hot sauce deliciousness of Takis Salsa Brava, the thrilling habanero and lime zip of Takis Nitro, and the guacamole greatness of Takis Guacamole. With so many ways to enjoy Takis snacks, why experience just one?

    Hot Nuts-Hot Nuts are crunchy peanuts covered in a crunchier shell, and that means double crunch in every bite. Whether you're enjoying the flavor of chile with a hint of lime in Hot Nuts or the bolder flavors of Hot Nuts Fuego, there's excitement for every mouth. Hot Nuts have just the right amount of spicy zing and an unmistakable peanut crunch that give everyone a good reason to keep coming back for more!

    Churritos-Churritos are the crispy sticks with crazy fun in every bite! Chile and lime go hand in hand to create an enchanting taste that can't be denied. And if regular Churritos aren't enough for you, try diving into Churritos Fuego for an even more powerful flavor that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the next bite...and the next...and the next. From the amazing aromas as you open the package, to the final crunch of your last stick, you won't want the enjoyment to end!